Sunday’s art workshop sponsored by NCAG provided veterans and family  participants an option for a non-sport related activity at the 2015 VA Golden Age Games. Participants “painted” with colored sand to create vivid and temporary mandala designs.

The colorful "gallery" of finished sand mandalas

The colorful “gallery” of finished sand mandalas

Workshop participant completing artwork

Workshop participant completing artwork

Completed sand mandala

Completed sand mandala



Living Liberty Central Monument --at night (from ground level)

Living Liberty Central Monument –at night (from ground level)

Several completed maquettes (scale versions of larger sculptures)and virtual model images from the Living Liberty Monument and Sculpture Park will be unveiled Saturday, August 8th, 2015 at NCAG’s booth at the VA’s Golden Age Games at the Century Link Center in Omaha.

NCAG's Booth displaying the Living Liberty  Memorial concept sketches and maquettes

NCAG’s Booth displaying the Living Liberty Memorial concept sketches and maquettes

Living Liberty Central Monument

Living Liberty Central Monument

Living Liberty Central Monument (Detail)

Living Liberty Central Monument (Detail)

Living Liberty Central Monument --at night

Living Liberty Central Monument –at night

50 "State Stars" will contain soil from all US States

50 “State Stars” will contain soil from all US States

Some views of the proposed Sculpture Park and Welcome Center:

Welcome Center building

Welcome Center building

Bird's eye view looking north

Bird’s eye view looking north


Site Plan from above

Site Plan from above


NCAG Art Director, Toy J. Muller, will exhibit several new artworks at Modern Arts Midtown Gallery in Omaha, NE through the month of July, 2015. The show, titled “Pop Meets Street” is a group show of artists that defy conventional categories and definitely promise the elements of surprise, whimsy and satire.

The Opening Reception will be held at the gallery on First Friday, Jul 3, 6:00-8:00PM. The show will run July 3-July 31, 2015

More information about the exhibit may be viewed at this link:

SATURDAY, JUNE 6th–First Annual New Century Art Guild Freedom Rock Ride


Saturday June 6th–Mark your calendar for some hometown fun!

In conjunction with Loess Hills Harley Davidson and the 5th annual Thunder Alley Car Club Charity Show in Kimballton, Iowa, NCAG is proud to sponsor a combined motorcycle and car ride from the Loess Hills Harley Davidson parking lot to the Freedom Rocks of western Iowa, ending at the Little Mermaid Park in Kimballton.  The event will feature live music by The Polka Police, beer, food, prizes, and an art show featuring veteran and local artists.  Participants will also receive a t-shirt and commemorative “challenge” coin!

Don’t ride a bike or drive a hot rod car? No problem…still come to enjoy the party and the succulent roast pork!

Register for the ride by mail or online using the PayPal  button on our “Events” page -or in person, the day of the ride.  Ride starts at 10am, registration for the car show at 9am.

Your tax-deductible contribution will play an important role in realizing our goals. We thank you for your generosity and confidence in our mission!


Here is a link to the WOWT News story video:

Here is a transcript of the news story:

In the corner of his basement, Bryon Line is hard at work. When he’s not painting a scene made by Mother Nature, he’s recreating an image from his 15(??) years in the army. “You get reminded if you ever did it, what it felt like to be one of those guys,” Line said. Like Bryon, many veterans find therapy in art. “You found energy, you felt motivation, and you felt comraderies,” Line added.

Bryon’s paintings are on display at this gallery – 75 miles away in the quaint town of Kimballton, Iowa. Line says, “I’m very much impressed with the way they’ve helped revive Kimballton, Iowa.

But the connection between Bryon Line and Kimballton is thicker than the oil based paints on his canvas. “I served in the marine corp from 70-74 and I was in the air wings,” Scott Smith, Director of the New Century Art Guild said. Like Bryon, Scott Smith is a veteran. Eight years ago he helped create the New Century Art Guild – an art organization created by Veterans for Veterans.

“One veteran in particular, I challenged to make a series of paintings about his experiences and it changed his life,” Troy Muller, art instructor and board member of the New Century Art Guild, states proudly. Through funding and workshops the Guild helps Veterans reconnect with Society and recapture the comraderies experienced in the armed services. “Like I said before, those kids (using the brush) and getting into it and forgetting all that stuff that was scaring them, it talks to you,” New Century Art Guild board member, Jim O’Keefe adds.

A movement started by a handful of guys, making a difference in veterans lives, one brush stroke at a time.

The Art Guild is undertaking a massive project. They’re planning on building a Living Liberties sculpture park that will feature up to 30 life size statues. These monuments will be dedicated to American servicemen and women who fought for our freedom. The price tag is hefty… 2.7 million dollars… and it will be funded mostly through private donations.



Troy E. Blaine,CLF, LUTCF, FSS

Troy E. Blaine, CLF, LUTCF, FSS

New Century Art Guild welcomes Troy E. Blaine, CLF, LUTCF, FSS from Omaha, NE as a financial consultant that has volunteered to advise NCAG’s Board of Directors on matters of financial growth. Troy is an experienced insurance executive and investment professional. He is an accomplished financial leader that has been recognized by the insurance industry for the teams that he has led and developed.

Troy has a warm, friendly personality and is open to new opportunities and expanding his already impressive professional network and technical expertise. Troy has a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He has served on numerous boards and is a member of several business associations. NCAG’s Board of Directors has already benefited greatly from his pearls of wisdom and we look forward to a fruitful partnership!


Dr. Scott Smith wins Award at Regional Economic Development Annual Banquet

Dr. Smith (left) with Warren Varley, President of Midwest Partnership

Dr. Smith (left) with Warren Varley, President of Midwest Partnership

Congratulations to New Century Art Guilds own Executive Director, Dr. Scott Smith, upon receiving the Guy Powell Award, given to him at an awards banquet the evening of January 22, 2015. The Midwest Partnership Economic Development announced him as this year’s winner of the award at Lake Panorama Conference Center. Audubon   County, Iowa, a member of Midwest Partnership for four years, has only given the Guy Powell Award once previously.

This award is based on vision, leadership, courage and impact. Under Scott’s leadership, New Century Art Guild is providing guidance, training and career development for emerging and established artists and veterans.  The guild focuses on Veterans returning from combat, often diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but classes and workshops are generally open to the public. Dr. Smith gives veterans an opportunity to express themselves and provide opportunities for closure of negative war experiences.

Scott’s courage is evident in his perseverance, as he meets the obstacles and barriers of establishing new commercial ventures in a rural community. Through his vision he is broadening Kimballton, Iowa’s visibility and economic growth. NCAG is proud of his acceptance of this well deserved award!