Artist Liz Boutin
Artist Liz Boutin

Artist Elizabeth Boutin will have her art displayed at the New Century Art Guild’s Gallery in Kimballton, IA. The exhibition, “Effects of PTSD”, opens May 19th with a meet the artist dinner starting at 6:00 p.m.  Among the artworks featured will be some of Boutin’s oil and acrylic paintings dealing with the topic of PTSD.

Boutin married into the military, and while the couple moved abroad, she volunteered with the Red Cross. Seeing the ravages of post traumatic stress disorder firsthand fueled her creative drive to express the wounds both internal and external of those in the military through her art –and by doing so, attempt to alleviate some of their pain.

On the dinner menu: delicious smoked pork loin from Henningsen’s Meats, beer, wine and other goodies!

For tickets call: Jim O’Keefe at  605-321-3841

$20.00 in advance –$25.00 at the door

ONLINE TICKET PURCHASE –please click yellow PayPal button below :


Bronze figures in VA Lobby donated by NCAG
Bronze figures in VA Lobby donated by NCAG

This month the Omaha V.A. Hospital will commemorate the donation and permanent installation of a grouping of 5 bronze statues that represent each  branch of US  military service.

The grouping, donated in large part by New Century Art Guild, is already installed in the VA Lobby’s main entrance and represents all five branches of the US Military with 18” cast bronze likeness featuring current working uniform of servicemen and women holding a parade-rest position. The figures, modeled after actual servicemen and women, are displayed on a wood base that has a modern, yet classic appearance and features inset insignia that represent each branch of service.

The commemoration ceremony will be held at 1pm on Wednesday, February 17th in the Main Lobby of the Omaha VA at 4101 Woolworth Ave, Omaha, NE 68105.


NCAG welcomes Jim  O’Keefe as its President. Jim is a retired naval aviator, software consultant and developer, project manager, corporate executive and entrepreneur. He is a service disabled veteran. He is currently the founder and President of Quick2Build, LLC, a blended learning software company with an integrated suite of software tools designed for seamless compatibility, ease of use, and flexible output.

NCAG welcomes Troy E. Blaine as its Vice President. Troy is the President of Kingdom Insurance Group, Inc. He serves as a business consultant, mentor and coach; helping agencies, businesses and non-profits accelerate to new levels of accomplishments.   The agency integrates risk management solutions and provides financial security.  With their strategic alliance of insurance professionals in both business and personal lines insurance, they are able to provide financial products that include risk management and wealth accumulation solutions.

NCAG also wishes to thank Pat Crosley for retaining her position as Secretary and Troy Muller for retaining his position as Art Director.



Army Veteran Kyle Foster was selected as New Century Art Guild’s 2015 Veteran Artist Grant recipient. His work will be on view at Metro Community College’s Fort Omaha Campus in November.

Kyle is currently a student of visual art at Metro Community College. Before studying art professionally, he served 3 years in active duty with US Army from 2010 to 2013. He was part of D Company of the 2-35 Infantry Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division. He deployed to Afghanistan as an 11B infantryman where he saw heavy combat activity in several areas including: Outpost Honacher Miracle, Kunar Province and Regional Command East. Kyle received the Purple Heart after being injured by a pressure-plate type IED explosion and was honorably and medically discharged from the Army after numerous surgeries were made to salvage use of his left foot and ankle.

PFC Kyle Foster being visited by Secretary of the Army in 2011 while recovering from his combat injuries.
PFC Kyle Foster being visited by Secretary of the Army in 2011 while recovering from his combat injuries. Photo Credit:

Upon returning to Nebraska, Kyle reinvented himself as a civilian; getting married and finding steady work as a shift supervisor with a prominent security company.  Kyle and his wife, Brittney, are now awaiting the arrival of another child in addition to their 4 year old daughter, Zoey.

Kyle has a great eye for composition and a sensitive hand for drawing in charcoal, pastel and pencil. His artistic ability and veteran status named him as the recipient of New Century Art Guild’s 2015 Veteran Artist Grant. In addition to completing his college degree, Kyle’s ambitions include strengthening his artistic abilities and teaching art– perhaps teaching drawing to other wounded warriors.

Examples of Kyle’s drawings:

Kyle Foster - Warm Embrace, charcoal 2015
Kyle Foster – Warm Embrace, charcoal 2015
Kyle Foster -Potty Song, charcoal 2015
Kyle Foster -Potty Song, charcoal 2015
Kyle Foster -Do You Know Who I Am? Charcoal, 2015
Kyle Foster -Do You Know Who I Am? Charcoal, 2015
Kyle Foster -Burn the Bodies, pastel 2015
Kyle Foster -Burn the Bodies, pastel 2015
Kyle Foster -Many Faces of PTSD, Charcoal 2015
Kyle Foster -Many Faces of PTSD, Charcoal 2015

NCAG to Host Info Table at Viewing of PROJECT 22 Film

NCAG will host an information table at the screening of Project 22 Film and Helping Agency Fair at Bellevue University’s Criss Auditorium Thursday, Oct. 22 at 6pm


MAKING OF PROJECT 22 FILM (from their website):

Project 22 was a 22 day, 6,500 mile motorcycle awareness campaign from San Francisco to New York City to raise awareness of the high rate of suicides within the Veteran community. As we traveled across the country, we spoke with many Veterans who had contemplated or attempted suicide and asked them for their stories; what led them to it and what brought them out of it. The responses regarding the challenges were in remarkable unison although the hope they found came in many different forms. We were able to explore the therapeutic potential behind sailing, pottery, education, activism, family, service dogs, painting and more.

We also spoke with leading researchers of Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress, mental health clinicians and educators, as well as, leading experts in warrior culture and combat stress. Coupled with the insightful and potentially life changing information we captured in interviews, we filmed the motorcycle awareness campaign, including camping, several organized rides and our final ride being escorted into World Trade Center by the Port Authority Police Department. We gathered incredible footage and news coverage in multiple cities, including Pittsburgh and New York.

Doc flew back to Dallas with a small crew to film three interviews missed during the trip due to inclement weather. Medicinal Missions will continue the awareness campaign, through events and social media, leading up to and following the release of the documentary, Project 22.

Project 22 was entirely crowd-funded via an IndieGoGo campaign and private donations. In addition, the crew was offered food, lodging and assistance wherever we rode, helping keep production costs low. Project 22, a Medicinal Missions production, is fiscally sponsored by From The Heart Productions, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Project 22’s Mission:

To transform, expand and partner, continuing to provide therapeutic and empowering resources to our nation’s Warriors.

To combine cutting edge research with historical methods of therapy, ritual and healing in search of a Warrior’s Path befitting today’s returning Veterans.

To utilize Film and Television as a platform to efficiently reach Veterans across our nation and around the world.

For questions or inquiries contact Neil Wattier at 402-980-3373


Sunday’s art workshop sponsored by NCAG provided veterans and family  participants an option for a non-sport related activity at the 2015 VA Golden Age Games. Participants “painted” with colored sand to create vivid and temporary mandala designs.

The colorful "gallery" of finished sand mandalas
The colorful “gallery” of finished sand mandalas
Workshop participant completing artwork
Workshop participant completing artwork
Completed sand mandala
Completed sand mandala



Living Liberty Central Monument --at night (from ground level)
Living Liberty Central Monument –at night (from ground level)

Several completed maquettes (scale versions of larger sculptures)and virtual model images from the Living Liberty Monument and Sculpture Park will be unveiled Saturday, August 8th, 2015 at NCAG’s booth at the VA’s Golden Age Games at the Century Link Center in Omaha.

NCAG's Booth displaying the Living Liberty  Memorial concept sketches and maquettes
NCAG’s Booth displaying the Living Liberty Memorial concept sketches and maquettes
Living Liberty Central Monument
Living Liberty Central Monument
Living Liberty Central Monument (Detail)
Living Liberty Central Monument (Detail)
Living Liberty Central Monument --at night
Living Liberty Central Monument –at night
50 "State Stars" will contain soil from all US States
50 “State Stars” will contain soil from all US States

Some views of the proposed Sculpture Park and Welcome Center:

Welcome Center building
Welcome Center building
Bird's eye view looking north
Bird’s eye view looking north


Site Plan from above
Site Plan from above


NCAG Art Director, Toy J. Muller, will exhibit several new artworks at Modern Arts Midtown Gallery in Omaha, NE through the month of July, 2015. The show, titled “Pop Meets Street” is a group show of artists that defy conventional categories and definitely promise the elements of surprise, whimsy and satire.

The Opening Reception will be held at the gallery on First Friday, Jul 3, 6:00-8:00PM. The show will run July 3-July 31, 2015

More information about the exhibit may be viewed at this link: