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omaha gives

Omaha Gives campaign starts midnight May 24th! Please consider supporting our mission to help veterans seeking new careers in the creative arts.

Our primary goal is to use the expressive and healing powers of artmaking with veterans and their family members, and ultimately transform their lives through the power of art.

In addition to therapeutic artmaking, NCAG also provides training in art and business-of-art education to motivated military veteran artists in order that they may successfully pursue new careers in the fine arts as artists, teachers, or administrators as they reintegrate into civilian society. NCAG is a Better Business Bureau approved 501c3 charity.


thanks for your confidence in our mission!

NCAG Co-sponsors International Photography Exhibition and Cultural Exchange

Regional Call for Entries | My Sister’s Smile- International Women’s Day Photo Exhibition

Women photographers from Council Bluffs, IA (and the Greater Metropolitan area) and from Herat, Afghanistan will artfully document moments of their daily lives through the medium of photography in order to impart perspective of each other’s culture -underscoring the commonality of our lives overall. The opening exhibition is planned to coincide with “International Women’s Day” on March 8, 2017

Topical themes: Submitted photos will represent each photographer’s unique response to one or more of five topical themes:
1. “How I Greet the Day…”
2. “The Wisdom of Age”
3. “The Spark of Youth”
4. “Celebrating my Loved Ones”
5. “Practicing My Faith”

SELECTION PROCESS This call for entry is open to all women photographers in the Council Bluffs and Greater Metro area, both amateur and professional. A panel of women photographers and professional artists, selected by NCAG, will curate the exhibition. 60 images total will be selected to be physically printed and matted and/or framed, however, others may be included as part of a rolling presentation on a digital display.

SUBMISSION PROCESS There is no entry fee. Photos must be digitized as JPEG or PDF files with high image quality. Be sure to have a creative title for each image submitted and please note which of the five topical categories each image represents. Also, please include a 2-3 sentence description of each image.

Online Submission: A Jot-Form photo submission portal:

Images may also be submitted via email:


Entries Due | February 17, 2017

Exhibition Dates | March 8– April 8, 2017

Public + Artists’ Reception | March 8, 2017

6:00-8:00pm Wednesday, March 8
The Arts Center at Iowa Western Community College
2700 College Rd., Council Bluffs, IA 51503

Refreshments will be served.

Or call: 712-249-7435

ART DIRECTOR: Troy Muller, NCAG Art Director,
Or call: 402-250-9473

USE RIGHTS: Each artist retains all copyrights to their own images. Artist’s recognition will be provided with any use. Artists whose submissions are chosen for the exhibition grant NCAG the right to use, or not use, their images for the purpose of promoting the artist, promoting NCAG programs, promoting exhibitions and subsequent display on NCAG’s website of current and past exhibitions. Promotions and images may also be placed on social networks for NCAG. Physical Printed photos will become property of an archival collection that will be donated to the City of Council Bluffs IA and/or Center for Afghanistan Studies, University of Nebraska-Omaha.

ABOUT NEW CENTURY ART GUILD (NCAG) The New Century Art Guild, Inc, is a 501(c)(3) non- profit corporation registered in the State of Iowa and the State of Nebraska. NCAG is home based at 117 N. Main Street, Kimballton, Iowa, 51543. Our purpose is to provide training in art and business education to motivated military veteran artists in order that they may successfully pursue new careers in the fine arts as artists, teachers, or administrators. A powerful side benefit from these activities is a substantial reduction of the depression associated with PTSD and the re-integration of these veterans into a fulfilling and useful role in civilian society.

ABOUT SISTER CITIES INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION Founded by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956, Sister Cities International is a 501(c)(3) nonpartisan nonprofit serving as the national membership organization for 545 U.S. sister cities, counties, and states with 2,121 partnerships in 145 countries on six continents. This network unites tens of thousands of citizen diplomats and volunteers. Sister Cities International serves as a hub for institutional knowledge and best practices in the field of citizen diplomacy. The Council Bluffs Sister Cities Association maintains Sister Cities partnerships with Herat, Afghanistan; Karadah (Baghdad), Iraq; El Hajeb, Morocco; Tobolsk, Russia.

NCAG Selects 2016 NCAG Veteran Artist Grant Recipient

Neville Bridgeford, Afghanistan. Photo courtesy National Geographic
Neville Bridgeford, Afghanistan. Photo courtesy National Geographic

Veteran artist Neville Bridgeford has been selected by New Century Art Guild as the 2016 NCAG Veteran Artist Grant Recipient.

While serving as an infantryman in the Army’s 25th Infantry Division in Afghanistan in 2004, Neville thought photography would be a good hobby to quell the boredom that often accompanies combat deployment. He bought a small digital camera at a PX while returning to his unit after leave. Not long afterwards, he fell in love with photography, and took his camera everywhere, taking pictures whenever and wherever he could.  Since his return to civilian life, Neville continues to take photos and makes art in other media, most notably acrylic painting on canvas. Giving expression to his emotions, he feels, is not only vital to having a more tranquil inner-life, but it helps in his recovery from post-traumatic stress, from which he has suffered for many years.

Neville working on mixed media painting.
Neville working on mixed media painting.

Neville was born October 27th 1983 in southern California, and was raised in the community of Santa Clarita (north of Los Angeles) home of the California Institute of the Arts and used frequently as a filming location for Hollywood films and television. In 2002, shortly after graduating high school, he entered the US Army and served as an infantryman with “A” Company 2-27th Infantry Regiment (“Wolfhounds”) of the 25th Infantry Division. He was stationed in Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, and served a year (2004-2005) in eastern Afghanistan. There he began his hobby of photography. Coincidentally, a photographed portrait of Neville appeared in National Geographic, taken by the photographer Reza. Several years after getting out of the service, he began working at an art store, where he began painting at the age of 27. In February of 2016, Neville moved to Lincoln, Nebraska from southern California for a cheaper cost of living and to try living in another part of the country.  He also spends time on his other interests: playing classical piano, creative writing, reading, prayer and meditation.

Some examples of Neville’s work:

Painting by Neville Bridgeford
Painting by Neville Bridgeford


Angel and Peacock by Neville Bridgeford
Angel and Peacock by Neville Bridgeford
Painting by Neville Bridgeford
Painting by Neville Bridgeford
Painting by Neville Bridgeford
Painting by Neville Bridgeford
Afghan Portrait by Neville Bridgeford
Afghan Portrait by Neville Bridgeford


Photo by Neville Bridgeford
Photo by Neville Bridgeford

METC Sponsors New Century Art Guild in Grant

Photo courtesy of Danish Villages News
Photo courtesy of Danish Villages News

Aureon is pleased to announce that an Aureon Charity Grant has been awarded to New Century Art Guild. Upon reviewing an abundance of applications, Aureon Charity Grant Committee delegated funds to projects committed to the betterment of local Iowan communities. The grant was presented in conjunction with Marne & Elk Horn Telephone Co. who sponsored the grant application. Aureon the new name for Iowa Network Services created the grant program in 1993 to increase service and support to rural independent telecommunications companies and the communities they serve. The Aureon Charity Grant Program rewards grants on a quarterly basis. Over the course of twelve years, Aureon has donated over $850,000 to local communities and their surrounding areas. We believe in rewarding various organizations for their passion and dedication to advancing their own neighborhoods. Each proposal that is chosen by our Grant Committee reflects the organizations’ enthusiasm for serving their communities. Aureon looks forward to aiding future community-improvement projects and extends our best wishes to your own community development. New Century Art Guild president Jim O’Keefe stated the donation would be used toward promoting NCAG’s mission of helping veterans heal through art.

–Submitted by METC and NCAG –Courtesy Of Danish Villages News July 9, 2016


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