Veteran/artist Tracy Stambaugh
Veteran/artist Tracy Stambaugh

Color and black and white photographer Tracy Stambaugh displayed a series of artworks in the Guild Gallery that represent Americana in the Midwest. Tracy was born and raised in Omaha, NE. After high school, he joined the Air Force and was a Law Enforcement troop with the Security Police; in service from 1995-1999. He was primarily stationed at Scott AFB, IL but spent time in Saudi Arabia and Spain. He said that the military taught him, among many other things, to pay attention to detail — a quality necessary to take good photographs. Tracy said that although he was relatively new to photography as an art form, and after picking up a professional-level camera only about two years ago, he has become completely infatuated with it: “I’m constantly thinking
about it, reading about it, looking at others’ work… I even dream about it. I never want to miss an opportunity to take a great photo, I carry my camera everywhere I go. I take photos of anything that catches my eye. I also enjoy coming up with ideas and experimenting, anything as long as I’m pushing that shutter
button.” He said he appreciated the opportunity to exhibit in the NCAG gallery to get feedback and valuable insight from gallery visitors. Tracy said his first goal is to finish school. He said, “I’m considering starting a home photography business, but want to find a niche, something that sets me apart from the rest.”

Tracy's photos in NCAG Gallery
Tracy’s photos in NCAG Gallery

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